Our management and sales team has over 180 combined years of experience. Since 1975, Olympic Buildings has been instrumental in shaping the industry by staying on the leading edge of:

  • innovative design,
  • building materials and components,
  • and construction methods.

Our trademark logo has adorned many buildings throughout Northwestern Ontario and the Prairies.

Its been said: “If you want a well built building….you want an Olympic Building”.

Olympic Post Frame Buildings are one of the most well built buildings in the industry.  How is this accomplished?…

Experience –  Our management and sales team have been with us from almost day one!  In addition, Olympic Buildings are built by experienced Olympic crews. For you, our customer this translates into helping you Build with Confidence. We’ve been in this industry so long that there is nothing we have not seen or experienced.

Innovation –  Our post frames are developed with the only flush mount frame wall system in the market. Delivering you a much more aesthetically pleasing look as well as adding strength to your structure.

Customization – Our designs are extremely versatile which means we can offer you a high degree of customization. Our building styles vary as well, post frame style, conventional or a combination. It’s really all about the form and function you want. Speak to one of consultants today to learn how we can build to suit your needs.