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Does Olympic offer warranties on their pre-engineered buildings?

Olympic offers a 5 year structural warranty with a 1 year minimum warranty on all other parts. All building materials are backed by manufacturers warranties, ie. metal cladding can be purchased with up to a 40 year warranty, depending on manufacturer.

Contact Olympic for further warranty details.

Are there limitations to how wide a building can be?

Clearspan widths of up to 80’ wide are obtainable depending on snowload in given area. If centre beams or walls are permitted then spans up to 120’ wide are obtainable.

What are the other advantages of wood framing vs. steel framing?

The advantages include but are not limited to:

  • You will get considerably more insulation in a wood frame building which will result in lower heating costs.
  • It’s easy to add interior finishes to a wood frame building.
  • A wood frame building can be insulated at a later date.
  • Foundation costs are generally lower because more buildings under 60’ wide can be built on thickened edge slabs.
  • Delivery time of building package is usually less than 4 weeks from the time building permits have been obtained.

Does a wood frame building cost less than an all steel building?

In most cases wood frame buildings under 16,000 sq. ft. and under 18’ high will cost approximately 25% less than a steel frame building.