The Olympic post frame buildings utilize the most cost effective building methods and techniques needed to provide the customer with the best building to suit their needs. They’re adaptable and economical. To this end, post frame and stud framing are often used together to provide the best cost effective solution for large shops with office space.

Olympic Buildings also offers a bracket foundation option which allows us to bolt the wall systems to either a grade beam or thickened edge slab as an option, which is not typical of other post frame building styles in the market. Be assured that Olympic has excellent building solutions for projects in the commercial buildings industry. Whether its office space or full on retail space, the Olympic post frame building is a favourable option for industries like oil and gas where the building requires quick build times and has unique requirements such as varying interior finishes such as insulated and finished with drywall, plywood or metal.

If your town needs a new hockey rink, community centre or fire hall our post frame buildings are a perfect solution for all of these types of projects. The steel exterior and interior provide a strong, durable structure and are virtually maintenance free.

If you do choose to go the route of post in pile construction for your post frame building, the step lock column connection that the “Olympic Post” is famous for, is located near the zero moment of the column where no wind stress exists. The superb strength of the ‘Olympic Post’ will extend life of the building.

Plus, our commercial post frame buildings come with an industry leading range of metal options along with warranty and construction insurance for the added assurance that Olympic’s looking after your interests.