With a farm barn post frame building or hay barn post frame building we can build to suit all your needs. Clean exterior and clearspan space combined with strength are only a few of the specifications that make Olympic Buildings the clear choice. Why barn pole buildings or farm pole sheds? If you want to keep your product dry or you just need somewhere to store additional equipment, then an Olympic post frame building is the clear choice because of the speed of construction and the ability to adjust the building to any future need you may require on the farm.

If this pole shed is for storage of hay it gives you the peace of mind that it will be protected from moisture, temperature and time. An Olympic Buildings hay storage barn can solve all of these negative effects. Moldy, dusty, brittle hay is unappealing and dangerous to a horse therefore storage is very important to protect your investment. Store hay off the floor, on a pallet, keep it dry and away from the elements.

With the “Olympic Post” and pressure treated wood foundation the building can be constructed without having to incur the cost of a concrete floor but allows for future slab to finish things off.

Finishing options are numerous including an impressive range of metal options and protecting your investment is our industry leading warranty and construction insurance.